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Find and apply jobs in the Middle East with Blue Sky International Recruiting Agency. The Middle East is stretching out its arms for those potential job seekers all around the world, its expanding economies and efforts to grow and diversify to come back from the crisis is a rapid transformation.

Blue Sky International Recruitment Agency is the most reputed recruitment platform leading as No.1 in Nepal.  Nepal is a country beaded with its rich cultural heritage, its people and a contributing history, thus rich in human resources able to work in different fields. So Blue sky international spread its wings as branded and loyal Manpower Recruitment Agency from Nepal in contributing to the people of Nepal a pathway to start their career and grow to be successful.

Blue Sky International recruiting agency Nepal

With evolving job opportunities and industrialization in the Middle East, a large workforce is making its way to survive and grow and stabilize in these Middle East countries say it is Dubai, Saudi Arabia and even the smallest nation of Middle East that is in Bahrain.  As the trending Nepal Manpower Agency, Blue Sky International is specialized and is No.1 among the top ten Manpower Agencies in Nepal, the hunt for job opportunities for Nepalese is fast and genuine. And it’s all happening in the home state itself.

The work in Nepal is mostly prevailing in the manufacturing industries say cement, but the payment for the same work three times more in Gulf countries like Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain.  So the young blood of Nepal is looking forward to earning more money overseas yet searching for the right opportunity to build their career and to keep them in safe hands.

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There a long list of Manpower Agencies in Nepal yet for them its only business, whereas for Blue Sky International Agency it is not just business but it’s for the good of every potential job seeker to find the right job, to understand the ups downs of the economies of the place where jobs regulate, the chances of the growth in their career, to provide safety in the documentation and much more featured and helpful to the job seeker.

The purpose of the existence of Blue Sky International is understanding the recruitment process, say how to recruit manpower from Nepal, the potential places of Nepal, as for example Kathmandu, or from some far off villages. These villages send many inspiring young Nepalese to migrate overseas, to earn more money, what kind of Labor recruitments from Nepal and the flow of Labor supplies from Nepal. All these are studied and understood by the Blue Sky International to act a son of the best and known Labor supplier of Nepal.

As per the records, all nations of the Middle East is making the rich economy and a positive growth rate of their tourism, industrialization, and automation. The highest ranking countries in terms of their GDP per capita income are Qatar, Kuwait, and Cyprus. The industries of the Middle Eastern region mostly consist of oil and oil-related products, agriculture, textiles, defense equipment, dairy and manufacturing of surgical instruments. With all these revolutionary changes, the chance of acquisition of jobs is building up fast, more human resources from Nepal are required and Human Resource Consultants in Nepal like Blue Sky International are skiing up in Nepal. 

Blue Sky International is the top most leading human resource consultant in Nepal and is the one with vast network optimization in the International markets, it stood its best chances as Best Manpower consultants in Nepal to the overseas as such a Middle East Countries.

The most wonderful aspect of Blue Sky International is its service reliability, customized service in many sectors including, labor recruitment from Nepal to overseas, consists of cleaner supplier from Nepal, housemaid suppliers from Nepal, Maid recruitment suppliers from Nepal and also adding with Nurses recruitment Agencies in Nepal, Hospitality Recruitment consultants Nepal, this is increasing demand as in Qatar, Kuwait tourism is seen growth.

Apart from these sectors, the services seen are Hotel staff recruitment Nepal, Construction workers recruitment Agency Nepal, and opportunities for engineers as for connected to Engineering workers Recruitment Agency Nepal. The others are Health care Recruitment Agencies Nepal, Nurse Recruitment Nepal wherein most of the nurses getting hired to the Middle East Countries offering thrice the payments.

The department of foreign employment data says there are 761 registered recruitment agencies in the country, yet many problems are arising regarding fraud issues. Out of these Blue Sky International Recruitment Agency alone stands as the best and most Genuine and Reliable as the best Manpower consultancy in Nepal which is loyal in the process of recruitment towards it client, and economical packages, and filter only the right jobs for right potential job seekers.

Nepali Workers

In Nepal every family has one youngster looking forward to going abroad to earn money, to settle in a career, nowadays this is increasing more and more and the opportunities are also hiking in different nations, but Middle East Countries are diversifying their economical industries from their oil expert to manufacturing sectors, agriculture, tourism, and so the laws are also started flexible welcoming a friendly environment to its tourists and job seekers.

As the demand is more from the Middle East for job seekers, Blue Sky International is making an efficient effort in building the stage for the qualified workforce to enter these jobs with all the right procedures. Choosing the best manpower consultancy agency in Nepal as Blue Sky International Recruitment Agency is having ISO certification and Government of Nepal license for its services.

Working and migration to the Middle East through the Blue Sky International Recruitment Company in Nepal is the best Human Resource consultancy for the prospector candidates and recruiters. Middle East Countries are standing as the most developing countries and require huge human capital to build their economy, with a friendly working environment and much success rate to grow in the career. The right step would be is to go via Blue Sky International recruitment agency the best Nepalese Manpower Consultancy.

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Founder and Chairman Mr Prem Katwa

Contact Blue Sky International, Nepal’s No.1 Overseas Manpower Consultants for all of your manpower requirements. The Agency is operating since 30 years with head office in Kathmandu, Nepal, started by its Founder and Chairman Mr. Prem Katwal, the finest human being, who has been helping thousands of Nepalese workers to find jobs in the Middle East.

Blue Sky International Manpower Agency is interested to supply Manpower to the Middle Eastern countries especially to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar.

We invite the companies from the Middle East, those are interested to recruit Nepalese workers from Nepal, Please contact the Agency Blue Sky International in the below contact details. For More Information Click here

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